The Best Choice of Hydrangea Bouquets for Weddings

hydrangea bouquets for weddingsAlmost no wedding couples would mind to spend much money to get the best wedding ceremony they ever have. This is once at a lifetime, and they feel it is worth to spend that much money. One important element in wedding ceremony is flowers. Wedding flowers are not cheap; let me tell you this. So, instead of spending so much money for wedding flowers why don’t save it for the other stuffs, like cake, wedding gown, or even wedding ring? Hydrangea bouquets for weddings are the best choice to save the money. Hydrangea bouquets for weddings come in simple shape yet gorgeous look.

If you have a wedding ceremony plan, you won’t be sorry to take hydrangea bouquets for weddings. While other bride needs some various flowers to make their wedding bouquets, you only need two or three stems of hydrangea to make hydrangea bouquets for weddings. Stir you in simplicity and more economic wedding cost but deliver you a gorgeous, attractive wedding.

Below are some things you need to point out to have hydrangea bouquets for weddings:

Hydrangea Bouquets for Weddings - The Most Common

There are only a few persons realize that hydrangea comes in many varieties. They may look the same but if you look very closely, you would distinguish them from the bloom shape and style. There, I include some types or varieties of hydrangea that are always used as hydrangea bouquets for weddings. They are mophead type, panicle type and lacecap type.

The mophead type is probably the mostly used type of hydrangea in any occasion. This type is also used in hydrangea bouquets for weddings. Why people choose mophead type in hydrangea bouquets for weddings? It is because they bloom big and it is quite catchy. The color of this type is ranging from blue, pink, and purple to white, cream and even green. The panicle type is the most unique one in my opinion. It blooms completely different from mophead with its cone-like bloom. Another great thing from this type is that you can dry it up and it would be a great choice of hydrangea bouquets for weddings. The color for this type is white, cream and pink. And the last great choice of hydrangea bouquets for weddings is lacecap type. Lacecap also has unique shape. The blooms are flat with the tiny buds in the center and some singular blossoms at the edges. Between the buds in the center and the blossoms in the edge, they have different colors.

How to Create Hydrangea Bouquets for Weddings

After knowing the common types of hydrangea bouquets for weddings, now it is your time to decide what kind of hydrangea bouquets for weddings that is perfect for you. You can purchase some stems of hydrangeas to be used in hydrangea bouquets for weddings, or you can pick them from your garden. Be sure you have the right arrangement. Remove all leaves on each stem, or you may let ones closest to the flower. Wrap them together by using floral tape, and be sure to stretch the flower tape to get lively look hydrangea bouquets for weddings. You can simply use it as hydrangea bouquets for weddings. However, if you want to beautify the hydrangea bouquets for weddings, you only need to put ribbon around the floral tape and then fold it that way to get a clean, tidy look.

How to Care Hydrangea Bouquets for Weddings

You may willing to have hydrangea bouquets for weddings but don’t want to get your effort in arranging them with your own hand. If this is your matter, you can ask florist to make hydrangea bouquets for weddings. Be sure that the hydrangea bouquets for weddings come at the right time. Come days before the wedding day would be okay as long as you know what to do to make them still fresh and alive. However, having them late for hours on wedding day could be such a disaster. In case, the florist hand the hydrangea bouquets one or two days before the wedding day, you need to treat them well.  Simply wrap the hydrangea bouquets for weddings in a damp cloth or smooth towel and keep them in the refrigerator overnight. You can ask the detail treatment from the florist.

Hydrangea bouquets for weddings can be the most effective way out for wedding couple who want to save some great money. It only costs you a little but gives the extraordinary hydrangea bouquets for weddings.


Written By: Tika

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